Giuseppe Santomaso

Giuseppe Santomaso (Venice 1907 - 1990). Santomaso began his artistic training at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 1932 and was invited to participate at the Venice Biennale only two years later. In 1946 Santomaso made an important contribution to founding the progressive Italian art group 'Nuova Secessione Artistica Italiana', which was later renamed 'Fronte Nuovo delle Arti'. Here, Santomaso fought hard for a position between illustrative realism and pure abstraction. In the early fifties he began to look into Art informel. This is reflected in his increasingly abstract compositions. Up to his death in 1990 Santomaso taught at the Venetian art academy and from 1954 to 1974 he contributed to the Venice Biennale thirteen times, was invited to 'documenta' three times and took part in numerous national and international exhibitions.

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