Aligi Sassu

Aligi Sassu (Milan 1912 - Polennca 2000) Sassu started his artistic career at a very early age; already in 1927 he was exhibiting in a Futurist show at the Galleria Pesaro in Milan, while the following year he participated, just 16 years old, in the Venice Biennale.
His model at the time was Boccioni, but he was also attentive to the painting of Gaetano Previati, Carlo Carrà.
With Bruno Munari in 1928 he signed the Manifesto of "Dynamism and Muscular Reform" painting, in which he theorized a search, in art, for new, antinaturalistic dynamic forms. His first important Milanese show - with Candido Grassi, Giacomo Manzù, Giuseppe Occhetti, Gino Pancheri, and Nino Strada - took place in 1930 at the Galleria Milano directed by Barbaroux. Besides Manzù, he became friends with Renato Birolli and Fiorenzo Tomea, and together they began to form a group.

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