Progetto Mondonovo 2015

A view familiar to us that presents itself through the hole of a box.

We push the face against the lens that separates us from that space and try to observe better: something doesn’t seem right. That image doesn’t seem real, it seems like a reproduction and soon after we realize that it is not even so. Through a hole we spy on a reality that clearly reveals itself as fake, but at the same time familiar and that recounts our memories, of places already seen. A timid light weeps behind the backdrop of the sky, hiding itself from our wide-open eyes. One light step, then another more decisive and so someone arrives with vigour but disappears in an instant into the shadow of an alley. We were unable to follow him with a glance but our eyes did see him, we are certain. We then examine the alley, its name on the “nizioleto” (Venetian painted street sign), its opening onto the little square with its original water well, but nothing; everything remains immobile. The light continues to vibrate but we stand back for a moment and return to our world. This light is different, harder, and we have to rub our eyes with our hands to then return, bent over, to look inside that other world. We have changed our point of view, and with eyes inserted in another hole we don’t have time to realize what is happening down there where the alleys are invaded by a crowd of masked figures, some wader move at great speed through the little square, and some creatures just woken from sleep climb up onto the ridge that from a distance appears like a bell tower between the roofs. Our eyes bounce back and forth in all of that fervour and then all at once we find ourselves again on the ground without any reason to hold on to, with our face on the ground, amongst trodden weeds and dry earth. The rabble of all those people surrounding that contraption in that same little square push us away with violence, replacing us in a blink of an eye.

Once on the ground we realize that there aren’t any masks or wading birds or even those strange beings roosting there, high up in that bell tower, only a horde of people intent on spying through those holes, intent on seeing from above, curious to observe this same city from another perspective, as if that were a new world. 


From the friendship with Alberto Toso Fei and the Venice of “storytellers”, from the common passion for our city and from the desire to offer to young artists the possibility of a formative experience, the Progetto Mondonovo was born.


Progetto Mondonovo will have a three-year annual duration. This is the third and last edition.

An experience that has the intention of uniting the narrative dimension of Alberto Toso Fei with the artistic screen-print medium.


Four artists, the winners of the selection contest, will each be given the opportunity to realize a graphic artwork based on a short story by Alberto Toso Fei, that will be produced in a limited print run during a residential award in Venice.


The work will be presented in a series of evening events in middle autumn in the Fallani Venezia laboratory.

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