The experimentation of 1970 in a show at FallaniVenezia

During the 35. Biennale di Venezia has been held a workshop for the manual production and following mechanical. To make it working was the presence of 26 artists of different nationalities. In all the different boxes where the worckshop took place: a system of screen-printing, a lithographic press, a vacuum molding machine, a press for engraving, a photo lab for processing plastics and a Rank Xerox machine. Flashback, in conjunction with the 55. Biennale di Venezia has the purtose to create a link between the two Biennali 40 years later, noting the relationship between the artist and craftsman, and, as Dorfles wrote in the publication about this experience of the 35. Biennale, “the too agitated and discussed relationship between art and technology, between art and science.” During the opening days of the Biennale di Venezia, the laboratory FallaniVenezia, at the Gesuiti, will host an exhibition of works from the experimental laboratory of the Biennale of 1970 by Ferdinando De Filippi, Paolo Dorazio, Giorgio Fabbris, Antonio Giosa, Alfonso Huppi, Andrej Jemec, Richard Kriesche, Riccardo Licata, Carlo Lorenzetti, Elio Mariani, Fabrizio Plessi, Tino Stefanoni, Ernesto Tatafiore.

Opening hours 9,30-13 / 15-18,30

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