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Fallani Venezia


The origins of the Fallani artistic screen printing workshop date back to 1968, when Fiorenzo Fallani discovered and fell in love with this printing technique. For over forty years, dozens of artists have seen their designs transformed into refined and spectacular graphics.

Fiorenzo's ability to interpret, experiment and often dare has enabled many of them to achieve unexpected results, offering a new expressive language. During his activity, he worked for more than two hundred artists from all over the world (including Renato Guttuso, Virgilio Guidi, Gianni Dova, Mario Deluigi, Hans Richter, Salvatore Fiume, Emilio Vedova), producing more than a thousand different works, all of which he has preserved and archived.


Gianpaolo Fallani inherited the passion for screen printing from his father Fiorenzo and, since the end of 2012, has taken over the workshop business, first as part of the Gruppofallani company and, in 2019, founding Fallani Venezia. Gianpaolo continues the activity of printing on commission, to which he adds workshops and residencies inviting people and artists to get to know and experience the versatility and potential of screen printing.

In 2018 Gianpaolo Fallani was awarded the MAM Maestro d'Arte e Mestieri recognition. In the same year, he participated in Doppia Firma together with designer Giampiero Bodino and Homo Faber.

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What we do

Fallani Venezia deals with artistic serigraphy and develops its activities mainly in the following areas, dedicated to production and training.

Fallani Venezia Editions

Artistic screen printing is the product of artisan saper fare which combines technique and creativity to transform an idea into a unique and valuable work. The production of editions for artists, publishers or companies has always been the workshop's main activity.

Collaboration with artists from all over the world gives rise to our editions, which are the result of research, knowledge sharing and contamination.

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Client serigraphy

In our studio, you can produce your own screen-printed editions.

Whether you are an artist, gallery owner or publisher, you can find here a valuable collaboration to realise your projects. If you are a company interested in giving works of art to your customers or commemorating events and anniversaries, we can develop your editions by involving our artists or your collaborators.

We can produce complete editions including folders and boxes.

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Workshops and residencies

Workshops and experiences at various levels are an open way for everyone to learn about screen printing and discover how art graphics are created, experiencing printing first-hand.

Artistic residencies offer artists the opportunity to dedicate themselves to the knowledge and experimentation of screen printing, both for the creation of works and to enrich their skills. The residencies organised by Fallani Venezia always represent a unique opportunity for artists, promoting growth, comparison and collaboration with other creatives who often follow very different paths.

It is possible to organise residency periods for individual artists who want to measure themselves against this printing technique, to enrich their personal knowledge or to produce their own editions.

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