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Ink and Creativity

Learn the art of screen printing with Gianpaolo Fallani. An experience to discover, understand and learn the serigraphy technique, where everyone gets involved and brings creativity, art and manual skills into play.

Artisan for an hour

A journey to discover serigraphy, a printing technique that allows you to experiment with colours and make a work of art reproducible while maintaining its uniqueness.

You will discover how an artistic silkscreen print is created. Screen frame and squeegee in hand, you will experiment with printing a one-colour graphic on a medium of your choice - from cardboard, t-shirt or canvas bag - which you will take home as a memory of an unusual and exciting creative adventure.


For everyone.


1 hour

Minimum 2 persons Maximum 8 persons

40 € per person


100 €
2 adults + max. 3 children

Basic screen printing workshop

Discover the techniques, tools and creative solutions of screen printing. You will print graphics on coloured paper, exploring the artistic expression of this unique graphic technique.

You will be able to understand the technical characteristics and the many solutions that can be achieved with screen printing, analysing all the steps, from the production of the stencils to the printing equipment, and discover how an artistic screen print is created.
You will learn to recognise the tools of the trade, the various types of inks and all the tricks that make this graphic technique an artistic expression. Next you will go into action and print a 3-colour graphic on some coloured papers.


Basic, also suitable for those who are convinced that they are not artists!


Approximately 2.5 hours


200 €


150 € per person

Advanced screen printing workshop

Combine awareness of the principles of screen printing with the production of your own work in a small print run.

The advanced workshop is suitable for those who want to learn the principles of screen printing and then apply them to the creation of their own work in a printed edition of 20 copies, in 3 colours and a 35×25 cm format.

You can work either on an existing project or on something that is born at the moment, perhaps with an interest in experimentation rather than production.


Advanced, for artists and enthusiasts who want to experiment the screen printing technique on their own work


1 day:


350 €


550 €

Do you want to work with us for longer?

Artistic residencies

We offer artists a unique space to experiment and create with artistic screen printing, guided by the technical knowledge of Gianpaolo Fallani. An opportunity to enrich your artistic practice in the heart of Venice and explore the silkscreen technique in depth.