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Spazi (Spaces)

Spaces is an artist residency project conceived by Fallani Venezia and curated by Illustrazioni Seriali, which has been offering exhibitions and insights related to the world of illustration since 2017.
In the summer of 2020, six internationally renowned female artists and illustrators were invited to design and develop an original work, each according to their own artistic technique and sensibility, investigating the concept of SPACE.
The six works became six silkscreens that the artists made during their residency period. For a week, they participated in the process of producing, processing and printing the graphics, confronting a technique that is widely used in the artistic field and is still so artisanal and fascinating.The silkscreens, all 70×50 cm. in size, are printed on 300-gram Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper, white or ivory, in a precious limited edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered by the artists.
Elenia Beretta, Martina Paukova, Michela Picchi, Ana Popescu, Beya Rebaï, and Charlotte Trounce, the six selected artists, had the opportunity to confront the theme of space, a deliberately broad theme that could give great freedom of interpretation in the creation of the elaborate. Six elaborates linked by the same fil-rouge and at the same time so different from each other, made with different techniques and modalities.